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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is an online game, created by Sledgehammer Games and issued by Activision. The game is planned to be launched for MS Windows, PS 3 and also Xbox 360 along with Xbox One.

Amusing Facts of the Game

  • Advanced Warfare takes players into the battle fields of the future by possessing a new scientific sophisticated weapon store and arming players with new tools, technology, advantages, and vehicles such as hover bikes and extremely expert drones.
  • Participants can also decide between ordinary missiles and new set of directed-energy armaments that come up with a completely new dynamic gameplay.
  • Through exoskeletons carrying a huge force multiplier and extraordinary strategic freedom, Advanced Warfare develops each firefight.
  • Game like call of duty has tricky maps where you can take part in the fight. In online mode, you can open new maps at definite levels.

Know the Gameplay:

Advanced Warfare, just as some other Call of Duty games, is presented from a standpoint of first-person shooter. In fact, the game has a lot of changes; not like other installments. This Advanced Warfare does not apply a conventional heads-up display.

As an alternative, all information is conveyed to the player through holographic projections from the tools equipped. The usual gun-play remains unaffected, apart from original mechanics, for instance, some guns will be competent to renew slowly, permitting the performer to take cover and remain stay there for a definite phase of time to add bullets for the weapon.

The participant can also control different kinds of grenades while griping one with the shoulder keys.

Plot of the Game:

A terrorist association called as the KVA starts the foremost global terrorist invasion in history by demolishing the nuclear reactors of urbanized countries around the world. In 5 continents, several countries’ military and administrative infrastructure comprising electricity and knowledge were devastated and unable of fighting the hazard created by the KVA.

Characters of the game

  • Jonathan Irons- leader of a PMC
  • Will Irons– son of Jonathon Irons
  • Jack Mitchell- He is the major protagonist in this online game. He is moreover the protagonist you play as. He is spoken by Troy Baker. Troy has spoken some of the most excellent video game characters comprising Joel and Booker Dewitt.
  • Cormack- He is the protagonist who draws you away at the conclusion of the opening gameplay.

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